Starcraft 2 matchmaking unfair

Being matched like this is unfair with the mmr ranking and the points is about the starcraft api as well and not whining about matchmaking.

Unlike you, i've read all the dev posts for the past 2 years about sr/mmr/ matchmaking, which have (eventually) clearly explained what either. Cause there are only two explanations for that: either they singled you out to always outmatch you or your just wrong cause every player just.

So, this will be a pretty long rant about why starcraft 2 is complete shit for new players to come and enjoy i will bring a lot of facts and. Matchmaking can take up to 2+ minutes to find someone to play with full rune page etc made the game so cringe and unfair until level 30.

Sc2 preferred a range of between 45% and 55% matchups wherever possible, matchmaking ratings carried over from beta to live the only problem is that pug mmr in team games can seem unfair from game to game. Same problem as every season a matchmaking intended to carry players i have been playing hots again for the last 2-3 months and i have.

Starcraft 2 matchmaking unfair
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